LETTER: No amount of money is worth losing clean water

Apr. 17, 2014 @ 04:57 AM

To the Editor:

I am amazed and horrified by how our government can ignore the facts and put us and our environment in jeopardy just because some money can be made. Does anybody realize how precious clean water is?

Twenty percent of the world population doesn’t have access to clean water. That’s over a billion people! Is there any amount of money that is worth losing this precious commodity? Why would we want to take even the tiniest risk?

I understand they want to frack to get more natural gas out, but it’s not because we need it. We have plenty. They want to have an excess so that they can sell it to foreign countries. It’s all about money! Those countries have better sense than to take the risks we are willing to take.

When is this country going to get any sense? When are we going to put something above making money? When are the people we have given the privilege of public office going to listen to us?

We don’t want fracking. We don’t want genetically engineered food ... . We’ve got to stop this madness before any more damage is done to our health and environment. If we, the people, don’t speak up and make our voices heard, and do what is necessary to turn this around, we’re all going to be sold down the river. The powers that be obviously do not care about us and our well being. They only care about money.

Patricia Harriss