LETTER: Rep. Reives is the voice of the people

Apr. 18, 2014 @ 04:57 AM

To the Editor:

Robert Reives is the House District 54 representative in the North Carolina General Assembly. He is the voice of the people of Chatham and Lee counties and running in the May primary.

Robert Reives stands for the right of people in North Carolina to expect and receive legitimate and proper services of state government: our constitutional right to public education, and clean drinking water. 

This will be a difficult fight. The GOP-led state legislature has stripped funds from our schools that provide textbooks and buildings and pay teachers enough to keep them teaching our children. Robert Reives will fight to restore pay that goes to those teachers who improve their qualifications, and to keep teachers with promise here in North Carolina.

Robert Reives opposes fracking and any environmental threats to clean drinking water.

At his inauguration, Robert Reives pledged to serve his constituents by keeping two offices in Chatham and Lee counties, and one in Raleigh, with regular office hours. Rep. Reives will always respond to all who have ideas and questions for him. His family has deep roots in both counties and knows we are facing growth immediately. He will work with local governments to ensure that growth is planned for, managed well, and in keeping with the vision of the people he serves.

Virginia Penley

Chatham County