LETTER: ‘You will be affected too’ by fracking

Jan. 22, 2014 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

“Not in my backyard!” That is the one statement I hear when I knock on doors in Lee and Moore counties to discuss fracking.

Sadly, we will all be affected. Yes, I will be force fracked. The abuse of eminent domain will be shoved upon me for the profits of a private company. They will drill under my farm without my consent no matter how many guns I own. Oh yes, they say I will be compensated. But my property value will decline, and my mortgage company will most likely take any money received since I will be violating my mortgage agreement. The state will take their fair share for income tax, too. If my water well is contaminated, I will not be able to sell my farm.

You will be affected too. You might not own land that will be drilled, but you and school buses will have to share the degrading roadways with hundreds of tanker trucks, chemical trucks and sand trucks. You will be affected by the air pollution from 24/7 air compressors, drilling units and open waste pits. With a 500-foot setback rule, your child or grandchildren’s school could have any of these industrial work zones next to them or be exposed to gas flares from drilling units. If you hunt or fish, do you really want to share our waterways or woodlands with fracking companies?

My father asked, “Why are you fighting the gas companies that have already contributed to N.C. through lobbyists?”

My answer is, “I have faith that more of my neighbors will speak out against fracking; let’s keep the moratorium in place.”

Keely Wood