Do we really need more ‘common sense’ laws?

May. 02, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

To the Editor:

“Common sense” seems to be the phrase used by our most distinguished progressives in order to distort the Second Amendment.

Why is it not common sense to enforce the already 20,000-plus gun laws on the books?

Is it not common sense to prosecute criminals who attempt to purchase firearms? Common sense shows us that in 2010, the total number of denials tabulated by the General Accounting Office was 72,659; that included 34,459 individuals with felony convictions or indictments. Another 13,862 denials involved fugitives attempting to purchase a firearm using our common sense background checks.

Common sense would say using the picture ID information that is required to verify purchaser’s address would result in their arrest and prosecution. Surprisingly, using progressive common sense, a whopping total of 44 prosecutions ensued in 2012 — resulting in a 0.06 percent of denials prosecuted. Now that is common sense.

Common sense gun laws currently in effect would make Chicago the safest city in the USA.

Common sense immigration laws kept those 9-11 hijackers from being deported.

Common sense immigration laws prevented the Boston Marathon bombers from doing their dastardly deeds not to forget Massachusetts’ strict common sense gun laws kept firearms from the latest iteration of Mohammad’s murderers!

Do we really need more liberal progressive common sense laws? I think not!

As always I shall remain, in search of our God given Liberties!

Kirk D. Smith