EDITORIAL: Dr. Bud Marchant joins long list of distinguished citizens

Jan. 19, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

Dr. T. Eston “Bud” Marchant has joined a long list of distinguished local citizens who over the years have made positive contributions in our community.

Marchant, president of Central Carolina Community College, has been named as The Herald’s Citizen of the Year for 2013.

Under his tenure, the college started an apprenticeship program with Lee County Schools and Caterpillar, the college’s focus on workforce development and small business aid has expanded, and CCCC was named one of the 50 best community colleges in the country. In addition, Marchant has teamed up with Kirk Bradley and others to raise funds for a new counseling program called Central Carolina Works. The program will steer students from every public school in Lee, Chatham and Harnett counties toward free dual-enrollment college classes when it starts, which officials hope will be next school year.

Marchant came to the college in August 2008 and has continued to move the school forward in its mission: “Central Carolina Community College serves as a catalyst for personal, community, and economic development by empowering people through education and training.”

In his message to students and prospective students on the college website, Marchant writes: “The word ‘community’ in our name reflects a strong commitment to understand and to meet the educational needs of area citizens, businesses and industries. It also reflects that we are a place where students, faculty and administration interact with a true sense of ‘community.’”

He has taken that message seriously, as he has been a valued ambassador of the college in spreading the word of its mission to stakeholders in all three counties that the college serves — Lee, Chatham and Harnett counties.

Today’s Herald features a story on Marchant, his accomplishments and what people have said about his work.

Perhaps his greatest accomplishment, however, is that under his leadership the school has flourished as perhaps our area’s greatest economic development tool, despite the challenges of the economic times.

The Herald salutes Dr. Marchant and thanks him for his service to our community.

Here’s a list of The Herald Citizen of the Year recipients:

T.S. Cross - 1934, Dr. J.F. Foster - 1935, W.H. White - 1936, Warren R. Williams - 1937 and 1938, W.R. Hartness - 1939;

L.D. Isenhour - 1940, Glen McIver - 1941, Roy A. Morris - 1942, Dr. R.O. Humphrey - 1943, Warren R. Williams - 1944, T.M. Perry - 1945, Dr. F.W. McCracken - 1946, Warren R. Williams - 1947, H.K. Smyth - 1948 ,W.L. Williams - 1949;

Harry G. Gaw, W. Banks Wilkins and Dan C. Lawrence - 1950, Phil Buchanan - 1951, (Award discontinued for several years);

W.E. Horner - 1964, R.E. Pomeranz - 1965, D. Emory Matthews - 1966, Laird Harrington - 1967, David R. Godwin - 1968, Annie Wicker - 1969;

George and Mary Casey - 1970, J.R. Ingram Jr. - 1971, J.O. Bridges Sr., Dr. John E. Dotterer, W.H. Joyce, A.H. McIver and O.T. Sloan - 1972-1975, Dr. M. Cade Covington - 1976, James E. “Buddy” Heins - 1977, Dr. Mary Margaret McLeod - 1978, Hal T. Siler - 1979;

Dr. J.F. Hockaday - 1980, Dr. J.S. Simmons - 1981, J.R. Ingram Jr. - 1982, Raymond Womble - 1983, Sam Bass - 1984, Bob Hales - 1985, (No winers, 1986-87), Dennis Wicker - 1988, Billie Elmore - 1989;

Al Ankrom - 1990, Coty and its employees - 1991, Dr. John Foushee - 1992, Margaret Jordan-Ellis - 1993, Hal T. Siler - 1994, Taylor Uzzell - 1995, Samuel Hill - 1996, Ruby McSwain - 1997, Dr. Paul Howard - 1998, Tommy Mann Sr. and Glenn Stevens - 1999;

Dr. Marvin Joyner - 2000, Herbert A. Hincks - 2001, Don Hudson and Clyde Atkins - 2002, Dr. Robert Cline - 2003, Carol Carlson - 2004, Jimmy Fraley - 2005, Del Jones - 2006, Bill Hicks - 2007, Heather Little - 2008, Larry Aiken - 2009;

The Sanford Lions Club - 2010, Tornado First Responders - 2011, Carol Chappell, Dennis Wicker and Kirk Bradley - 2012, Dr. T. Eston (Bud) Marchant - 2013.