LETTER: Fracking is coming

Jan. 22, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

West Virginia’s chemical spill just brings to light what happens when the citizens turn over to industries the control of their environment.

The state over the years has been controlled by coal mining and logging companies that have had their way when it came to setting the standards of their operations.

They are now taking tops off the mountains to strip the coal instead of the more expensive way of shaft mining.

Another state that has gone down the same road is Kentucky.

I noted with interest that the “Fracking Committee” that is in charge of writing the rules for N.C. caved in to the oil and natural gas interests by not requiring them to reveal the chemicals the drilling companies will use in their operations.

These are the chemical concoctions that will be pumped down the wells with 2-4 million gallons of water to push out the gas under pressure from the shale bed.

This has become a wildfire issue since the Republican takeover in Raleigh. Lee County has two members of the board, City Councilman Charles Taylor and County Commissioner James Womack.

All these companies that will be destroying our environment have “LLC” behind their name, and that means limited liability corporations.

Fracking is coming! My predictions is it will be a short-term financial gain for a few and an environmental mess for the people who remain after the drillers and natural gas industries move on to greener pastures.

Also, remember why it is important to vote, because your life and your environment may depend on it!

Robert O. Stone