LETTER: Could Chatham development be target of sabotage?

Jul. 24, 2013 @ 04:56 AM

To the Editor:

The recent story “Cary developers want to redefine Pittsboro with Chatham Park” [News & Observer, 7/17/2013] suggests an interesting challenge to city, county and state officeholders. Would Gov. McCrory, Senator Rucho and other sponsors of fracking want to sabotage a 7,000-acre “live, work and play” community that would bring hundreds of businesses and thousands of new workers and homeowners to Chatham County? If fracking comes to Chatham, the visionary plans of Chatham Park would face an all-but certain demise.  

So, why would Rucho sponsor the fracking legislation [SB820]? Charlotte is the state’s banking capital, but Rucho and others from Mecklenburg would like nothing more than to build its own RTP — Charlotte Park, its own version of Chatham Park. First, it would be important to remove any obstacles to this development, and nothing would succeed like fracking all over Chatham, Lee and Moore counties.

Conspiratorial? Yes, but certainly not beyond the capabilities and vested interests of certain legislators.

David Streifford