LETTER: Start sweating what matters

Oct. 17, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

It seems to me that The Sanford Herald and a few select council members have been obsessing over the Sanford Golf Course for years. Could you folks enlighten us, please?

I spent 32 years in a very competitive industry and learned that by obsessing over the little things, you will get eaten alive by the big things.

Not to downplay a contribution of $48,922 by the city, but when your budget is more than $43.466 million why are we not spending more time talking about the other $43.417 million?

A few questions:

1. Why spend $100,000 per year on management company services? At an average of $20 per round, they would need to get you 5,000 more rounds per year to just get your money back.

2. What does the city spend each year on non-revenue producing recreation or entertainment besides $20,000 to the Temple Theatre, $3,000 to the Arts Council and $3,000 to the Railroad Depot? (No outrage from Sanford Herald there.)

3. A typical political response is let’s raise taxes and prices. Why not focus on increased revenues through growth? Why not focus on more play versus higher prices? Can you say marketing?

4. How much time have you spent looking into waste at our city/county level versus the time you have spent trying to get the golf course off the city’s books for the last 25 years?

I urge you aspiring politicians and the staff of The Sanford Herald ... to start sweating what is really important!

Tom Eshbach