LETTER: Voice your displeasure

Oct. 17, 2013 @ 04:57 AM

To the Editor:

Before the budget crisis, our president used a drone to kill four American citizens in Yemen with no hesitation — no jury, no trial, just death. Normally enemies of the state don’t deserve trials, but these men were United States citizens. Like it or not, they were supposed to be afforded their rights under our Constitution. They were killed rather cheaply by war standards.

Cut to the present, and we have national memorials for our war heroes that are shut down because we allegedly don’t have anything else that we could cut from our enormous budget — no idiotic studies about why gray squirrels prefer pine nuts instead of walnuts or whatnot. No, we have to shut down memorials to the very people who kept us free from tyranny. These men put their lives on the line and fought battles that would boggle the mind imagining the death and carnage involved.

Why now do we arrest [an alleged] terrorist and bring him to New York for a trial? We can’t afford to let small businesses that are paying rent and actually making the country money stay open, but we can afford a trial for [an alleged] killer of American civilians? Is anyone else seeing the hypocrisy in this? Anyone out there stupid enough to try to blame this on the Republicans? Does one single citizen believe that this man should be granted a trial in which he can claim the Fifth Amendment like one of us?

Please tell me that not even the most “progressive” civilian would grant him these rights. Maybe instead of claiming his newly found right to remain silent under our Constitution, he will use his free airtime (granted by the liberal lapdog media) to put out his radical Islamic viewpoint unedited on the evening news. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? These “news” people who chose not to say one single thing about the Veterans March on Washington would gladly give [him] his 15 minutes on the air without a doubt.

Please call your representative and tell them exactly how inane this is. Let them know that instead of spending millions upon millions of dollars on someone who should be shuttled off to a dark cell at Guantanamo Bay that maybe, just maybe, they should open Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone or the Smithsonian for our school children. Seems that Obama’s crew wants everyone to enjoy our Constitution except for us.

Sean Boswell