LETTER: Time to stop the charades

Apr. 16, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

It's been fascinating to watch the response to Rep. Stone's initiative to making all local races partisan. And even more bewildering to see Mr. Post get in on the bashing. Isn't he a lawyer? Wouldn't his firm race to “condemn” any of our local businesses if they didn't practice "truth in advertising?"

Why shouldn't that same concept apply in politics? Why can't we have a bit of "truth in advertising" when it comes to our candidates? Why do we have to wait until after the election to find out they were secretly endorsed by the opposition and they would vote opposite of what they portrayed while campaigning? Some will do that anyway. They have no conscience,  and Lee County has plenty of examples. However, I tend to believe most candidates would honestly think twice before being that devious.

Besides, it would put them “between a rock and hard place.” Do you stay with the party you're registered with, or do you do the right thing and go with the party you're going to “vote” with and be funded by? I would dare say it would expose the hypocrisy we have seen in the last few elections. That's exactly what Ms. Brogan, Ann McCracken, and others are afraid of, and it would cost them votes. Time to stop the charades, boys and girls.

If you watch any of the city council's actions, it doesn't take long to see there is nothing nonpartisan about six members of that group. And after recent comments and votes by certain BOE members, would someone please explain why LEED PAC was so up in arms and spent thousands of dollars in advertising to discredit those “nonpartisan candidates” who sometimes hang out with the right? I think they wasted their money.

So what's the big fuss all about? Rep. Stone's bill is right on target and necessary. It will help weed out the rot in our political parties.

“Parties” is plural for a reason … some on the right stink just as bad as some on the left.

Sheila Barber