LETTER: Thanks to special mailman, grandson

Apr. 19, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

One week ago today, April 8, 2013, someone hit our mailbox and knocked it down. Our mailman, whose name I do not know, placed our mail in the box, even though it was on the ground.
Wednesday, the box was evidently hit again, and knocked down a hill. Our mailman continued to place our mail in the box, even though he had to get out of his car and walk a few steps downhill to do it. I am sure this made his route take longer than usual.

We had no one to replace the box. (It was beyond repair.) Neither of us was able to dig the deep hole necessary for the new box. Our grandson, Casey, came down Saturday and did a wonderful job of installing the new mailbox for us.

We would like to give two thumbs up for our very special mailman (who, by the way, did not even leave us a note asking us to replace the box!), and a very special grandson, too!

James and Daphine Tolliver