LETTER: It’s time that we make peace

Apr. 19, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Excuse me, but let me take this time out to scream in frustration through my ink at the top of my concerned lungs. Please allow me to sound the alarm that one more young man was murdered needlessly in Sanford, N.C., this month on our invisible battlefield without rhyme, reason or responsible witness. It has left me to ask, “Have we forgotten what it means to be civil and communicate beyond deadly force/violence?”

If you look at the word communicate, it spells out mute, tune out and omit. Have we allowed ourselves to do all of this without even noticing? Maybe it is time for us to go out and really teach what it means to put our guns down as we attempt to reason together as caring people and not careless people.

You see, the prisons, courtrooms and graveyards continue to overflow with our young men, so excuse me for raising my white flag of surrender out of complete disgust to get your attention. It is time to let the spirit of destruction and death know that we need to make peace in this city before somebody else’s child gets killed right before our open, bloodshot eyes.

William K. Johnson