LETTER: Is this truth?

Apr. 20, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

When I watched the president attack and debase the representatives that our states saw fit to send to Washington to speak for us, I was filled with curiosity. I was curious as to where his indignation was for Dr. Kermit Gosnell [an abortion doctor facing murder charges]. I was curious as to where his ire and rage were for the killers of American diplomats on Libyan soil that still have not answered for their crimes.

Where was his total disbelief and shock when his own attorney general was involved in a botched plan that caused the deaths of several ICE agents and armed the Mexican drug cartels with weapons from our country? My curiosity makes me look closer.

I see him accuse people of lying when he twists polls and uses statistics from years ago to fit his needs. I see him lash out at people for using for what he calls “politics.” But when the he asks for a background of police officers as a backdrop for a speech on gun control, the great majority disagree with his policy and being used “politically.” They refuse, but are told to do so or be dealt with negatively. Does that sound like people behind the current gun laws being put forward like he claims, or a blatant attempt at deception?

The only people who are afraid of the truth are those with something to hide. This is from a man who won’t release his college transcripts or any records from his childhood and stonewalls investigations. Is that how he defines transparency? I see him demand higher taxes for the “rich” and then pay one of the lowest brackets of taxes himself. I see a vice president who claims to speak for the average American, but hasn’t worked outside the government for more than two-thirds of his life. This is truth?

He blames the NRA like they are a stand-alone entity. Does any advocacy group act as an individual? No — they are a collective representation ... .

When presidents before acted in reprehensible or unbelievable ways, it was on the front page, and I applauded [the newspapers’] actions. All I see nowadays is Obamazombies with their hands out and stumbling to prostrate themselves at the altar of liberalism — mindlessly following this misguided piper into oblivion.

Sean Boswell