LETTER: We no longer have statesmen

Feb. 20, 2013 @ 05:01 AM

To the Editor:

Core values are the definitive bedrock of desirable qualities and worth of a person or movement. These core values are immutable and should never be compromised. No compromise of core values is known as integrity. These core values are absolute and supersede the simple question, “What is important to you?” Rather, these values are based upon absolute principles that transcend the zeitgeist and status quo.

The immutable aspects of core values are welded to the base of who we are. These values manifest themselves without thought; they are instinctive. When an issue arises, the core values we hold emanate from our “core” and are knee-jerk reactions. The old adage, “you only get out of you that which is inside of you,” is self-evident when people of integrity act in the face of adversity — for their core values are what reveal themselves first and foremost.

In our political climate today, there are those who claim to represent an ethos; however, these people only pay lip service to these core values of the people they have sworn to represent. They seem to have misconstrued the meaning of their office. They have forgotten that they are to represent the core values of the constituents who gave their trust to these politicians.

The catch word today is “leader” for representative, and the idea of representative government is relegated as the remnants of some antiquated epoch. We no longer have statesmen, we have politicians who only care about passing laws for their interests and have discarded the sanctity of the office which is to protect and represent liberty and the entirety of a district respectfully.

The evidence is in our face that many holding public office are not concerned with pursuing the pure philosophy they espoused during the campaign season; rather, they settle for the dross that is now perennially associated with politics of today. They busy themselves with cronyism and perception. They embrace opinions and have long ago jettisoned conviction.

It is time to return to the purism of our nation’s philosophical principles and convictions in order to manifest greatness once again. It is paramount that we demand our representatives once again look to the teleology of liberty, freedom and responsibility to the people of this nation.

And to you, Sir, I am core values.

Gail Douglas Dickens