LETTER: Fracking poses multiple threats

Feb. 21, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

Our geology is different than other states with fracking. Part of the shale formation to be fracked lies within the water table in Chatham County. The “Halliburton Loophole” legally allows for the use of carcinogens/toxic chemicals in fracking fluids if identified as “proprietary/trade secret,” and they will eventually reach the aquifer that does not know county lines.

It is only a matter of WHEN, not IF, our water gets contaminated. The Mining and Energy Commission, stacked with individuals with conflicts of interest, is tasked with developing safe guidelines. Livestock in some fracking areas are sick/dying; half are born dead/not producing milk and their tails falling off. These livestock reach food chain. 60 percent of the wells leak over time. The EPA indicates: "A final draft report is to be released for public comment/peer review in 2014." So the final report will come too late, and it will not address how often drinking water contamination might occur.

Fracking associated with earthquakes jeopardizes the Shearon Harris nuclear power plant (the nation's largest depository of highly radioactive spent-fuel rods) that sits near a fault; seismic activity could cause a nuclear incident. In other states, fracking caused earthquakes; homeowners' insurance denied/did not cover fracking damage; mortgages were denied/recalled; local roads were destroyed by thousands of fracking trucks; and water shortages resulted, all causing falling housing values. Who would want to relocate from elsewhere to live in or do business in N.C. if they knew anything about the dangers of fracking?

Charles Ritter