LETTER: Will citizens survive the next four years?

Feb. 27, 2013 @ 05:01 AM

To the Editor:

Are most citizens of North Carolina going to survive four years of governing by the Republicans?

Probably, but will they be happy with their assault on workers, seniors and the poor? I doubt it.

The whole state government is under their control. Their first move was to cut employment benefits. The reasoning, of course, was the $2.5 billion owed to the federal government for money loaned to fund the unemployment benefits.

The money would have been in the fund if previous legislative bodies hadn’t cut the tax on the corporations when the fund total was what was considered sufficient and this depression hadn’t been so severe.

The payback was put on the backs of workers even though they were victims of the Bush administration’s mismanagement.

By cutting the maximum benefits back to $350 from $550 and cutting the number of weeks, they made sure that the workers would have to bear most of the burden of payback.

The governor’s next project seems to be doing away with income tax for individuals and businesses by adding a consumption tax. Good luck to them if they get that through. It would be one the most regressive tax hike in my lifetime.

I have one complaint about chambers of commerce. If the American economy is fueled by 70 percent consumption, why do they always support Republicans?

I have always heard the organization described as the “biggest union of businesses against workers.”

For the retail stores and the factories, the workers are their customers, and without that demand, they wouldn’t be in business.

Example: When Henry Ford started building the model-T Ford, his workers wanted to organize without the labor laws now in force. His solution was to send a bunch of thugs to beat up some of the workers.

His wife was having no part of his solution. She told Henry: “You want everybody to make enough money so they can buy your auto.” She prevailed. That was the beginning of the United Auto Workers Union.

Robert Stone