LETTER: Technology replaces mail-order catalog

Feb. 28, 2013 @ 04:57 AM

To the Editor:

In the 40s, when the catalog arrived, my parents, my brother and I would go through the entire book to see what was new in toys, tools and clothing. We called it the “wish book,” and at Christmas, we would dog ear every page that revealed an item we wished for as a gift from Santa.

For a young boy, this was an accessible picture book that exposed photos of real people dressed in all sorts of clothing, even in their underwear. Yes, both men, woman and children. There was no parental control imposed as we turned the hundreds of pages just seeing what the world was all about.

It is now 70 years later, and the catalog no longer arrives. However, on my desk, I have a 24-inch window connected to the “web” that does everything that catalog did and much more. Think about it. In that long-ago time, a family living in rural America could fill in a paper order form, include a check for payment and place it in the mailbox. In due time, the articles would be delivered to our home. It was truly a shopping miracle using the technology of the time.

Any business model that provides the customer with convenience and competitive prices, and will deliver to your door, has a great chance of succeeding. Today, anything we can imagine we might want is available at our front door in two days.

This 21st century catalog can bring us anything we want, need or must have to live a healthy, full life. It even allows video phone calls to friends and family members anywhere in the world. Today, a great-grandmother can watch and hear her great-grandchild on her Kindle. Of course, she can proudly share this with anyone at hand.

As a closing thought, I also remember a book I had to read in college, "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley. Did you ever read it?

Isn't it wonderful to live in this country in this world. It reminds me that “life is good” and God is great!

Walt Doelp