LETTER: North Carolina: 'stupid state'?

Mar. 01, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

To the Editor:

Sadly, North Carolina is turning into the "stupid state." Just take a look at what our N.C. Legislature is doing. First of all, a "topless" bill: The proposed bill forbids a bare breast just because of a few women in Asheville who are proud of their breasts? Do you really want to put any woman who is breastfeeding her baby at risk of being arrested? Really? When I first heard this one, my first thoughts were those guys on West Jones Street don't have anything better to do.

Secondly, reducing unemployment benefits from $550 to $350 per week and shortening them from 26 to 20 weeks — wow, kick them when they are down.

Thirdly, payday lending — really kick them when they are down and out, and charge them one hell of an amount for it.

Finally, to top that off — fracking! The N.C. Senate just passed the bill yesterday, and the House will probably pass it today because they pushing it down the citizens' throats! That, my fellow citizens, is greed — pure Republican greed. They aren't concerned about the "good" for North Carolina; they are concerned about how much money will go in their pockets. They think they will create jobs. Jobs for whom? Jobs for oil and gas workers? Jobs to clean up the environment after it's destroyed? Once it's destroyed, it's destroyed. As an impacted land owner in Lee County, I'm scared to death of what it will do to the land that has been in my family for more than 100 years.

Are the Republicans trying to "dummy down" North Carolina? With stupid laws like the above (and more to come, I'm certain), will our state grow? No! Will new business want to come here? Not at all! Will people want to come here? Hell no! In dumbing down our great state, the Republicans will have cheaper labor, and maybe that's their point. Cheaper labor puts more revenue in their pockets.

Susan Gilliam Alexander

Lee County