LETTER: Hold leaders accountable on environmental issues

Apr. 09, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

What can you look forward to in TV commercials, besides political ads?

You will see Duke Energy running a series on their environmental efforts once they are able to put all the coal ash fly containment scandal behind the company.

Then, the state regulatory agency will be trying to regain some kind of creditability after the fact they were not doing their job under the previous administration, as well as the current governor. He was an executive with Duke for 29 years before being elected.

I still see ad promotions from British Petroleum, touting its job creation and their environment record at cleaning up the biggest oil spill in the U.S.

The one I miss the most is the coal industry’s ad about burning clean coal. This was insulting to citizens’ intelligence if they had any experience with that commodity.

Citizens will have a chance to remove some of the members that are on record in favor of “fracking,” but their replacements should have their feet held to the fire about the bureaucrats who occupy the offices in Raleigh; their job is to look out for the citizens, not the industries.

Ask anyone who wants your vote, “How do stand on the environmental issues?” Your life and your grandchildren’s lives may depend on it.

I close by throwing a “kudos” to The Sanford Herald for printing more of the stories [showing] where fracking has caused problems and is not an exact science.

Robert O. Stone