LETTER: Message of ‘God-given liberties’ is worth heeding

Jul. 31, 2013 @ 04:57 AM

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to letter written by Irene Smith that appeared in the Herald on Friday, July 26.

To the Editor:

Ah, what an intriguing tale told by Irene Smith in her bashing of a prior (Lee County Commissioner) Kirk Smith letter. The first portion of her rant was almost a declaration of murder gotten away with by George Zimmerman. Little known is the web thrown up by the Sanford, Fla., Police that later recanted the real truth of Travyon being suspended from school due to drugs, graffiti and suspected burglary. If he had been an adult, he would have been charged and arrested.

Insofar as justice in Florida, civil cases only require six jurors; they were selected from a pool of more than 40 and were five white women and one Hispanic woman. The prosecutors and defense for weeks “hammered” down the pool to an acceptable panel. The Seventh Amendment to the U.S. Constitution for a trial by one’s peers was established by our forefathers many years ago as a part of the Bill of Rights for America. After some careful 16-and-a-half hours of deliberation, the jury delivered the verdict of not guilty.

In a famous Lori Morgan song, she laments in one line, “What part of NO don’t you understand?” Get it? That resounding conclusion for George, who also is a minority, should stand for all America in a healing process.

One last issue of note to me as a reader is Kirk Smith’s “God-given liberties.” Gosh, just look at your money, both paper and coin, Irene. All over it says, “In God We Trust.” Sadly, our society has lost its moral compass on this theme, and perhaps more Americans should heed the mention of “God-given liberties” that Kirk mentions. Perhaps our world might be a better place, and maybe our forefathers who drafted and signed our Constitution and Bill of Rights would smile once again. Let’s hope ... and pray ... .

George J. Wilberg