LETTER: Many thanks to family for honoring our heroes

Jul. 31, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

I want to thank the Starr family of Sanford who, in cooperation with the Veterans of Foreign Wars, placed the American flags at U.S. military veterans’ markers over the Memorial Day weekend at Buffalo Cemetery.

I happened to be out at the cemetery when the Starr family and their assistants were placing the flags, and I called to their attention one marker they had “missed” — that of my father, R. Wilson Howard, a native of Sanford, UNC-Chapel Hill graduate and a U.S. Navy officer in the South Pacific during World War II. These kind folks quickly drove over in their golf cart and placed a flag at my daddy’s marker, which is adjacent to his younger brother, Robert, who was killed in a plane crash in 1943 in the Panama Canal Zone during the training exercise with the Army Air Corps.

My Dad and his brother were sons of the late R.T. and Helen Paschal Howard of Gulf Street in Sanford. My grandfather was a partner in Howard & Bobbitt Wholesale Grocery. My late mother was the daughter of the late R.P. and Susie Shaw Rosser of Sanford. Mr. Rosser owned and operated the Temple Theatre in Sanford.

When I began to thank members of the Starr family for their dedication in honoring our military veterans, they were very humble and said this act was something they think is important and something they enjoy doing. This does not surprise me, coming from folks from my “old hometown” of Sanford. Thanks again, Starr family and the VFW, for remembering and honoring our heroes!

R.W. “Buddy” Howard Jr.