LETTER: We don’t need tax hike to complete city projects

Aug. 09, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

Based on the Sanford Law and Finance Committee meeting agenda, there was extra money in the budget from last year. Why is this extra money not going toward the capital improvement projects instead of asking the citizens of Sanford to raise their own taxes via a vote for bonds?

According to its website, “The city is working with limited revenue growth. After operational expenses are calculated, there are little remaining funds left for capital improvements.” Yet there was, indeed, money left over.

I believe that with better fiscal responsibility, we can get these projects done without raising taxes — without these bonds. During these tough economic times, we all need to buckle down and find more efficient ways to spend our money. This is certainly not the time for tax increases. I will be voting NO for the bonds in September and ask others to join me. Instead, ask the City Council to use our money wisely and provide Sanford with what it needs with the taxes they already receive.

Jenny Cabrera