LETTER: Good leaders seek out ways to serve public

May. 25, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

I want to publicly thank Councilman Charles Taylor for his initiative and courage in proposing a pay cut for the Sanford City Council, and especially a per diem reduction to the same amount as city employees. Good leaders are not those who think the public serves them, but they are ones who look for ways to serve the public. When they pass laws, they live under them; when they make cuts in the budget, they are the first affected by those cuts; when they pass salary increases, they are the last to take them. My mother, and probably yours, too, would bake a pie but be the last to take a slice. Only when everyone else was served did she indulge. Jesus said “the greatest among you shall be your servant,” and he led by example in a life of sacrifice.

God rules in the affairs of men (whether they acknowledge him or not), and he honors those who are faithful in little things. The pay cut and per diem reduction are not a lot of dollars in the city budget, but God would honor that small gesture in a bigger way than most would think. When leaders sacrifice, others are more willing to follow their example, and God is more willing to honor their selflessness with abundance. Chick-fil-A closes on Sunday and operates on the same profit margin with six days of business as all the other restaurants do in seven. Do you wonder why? You shouldn't. Council — make personal sacrifices, cut the largesse, make the budget as lean as possible and then ask me to pay more in taxes if necessary. I doubt it would be.

Rev. Bruce MacInnes