LETTER: Like a fox guarding the hen house

Jun. 06, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

Just glancing at Kirk Smith’s letter to the editor in Tuesday’s Herald, I thought he might have come to his senses with his remarks about tyranny. I thought that he may be talking about the N.C. legislature.

Protests have been going every Monday against the Republican Party majority (the supposed party of smaller government) that thus far has tried to take over every local board that they don’t control.

After the passage of the fracking bill, they are now in the process of intruding into individual’s property rights and the rights of clean drinking water of the entire public of this area as well.

Lee County Commissioner Jim Womack is chairman of the committee supposedly making the drilling rules that will keep the public safe.

Yet, when the chemicals were to be revealed to the citizens, Big Oil (Haliburton) stepped in and stopped the vote. Who do citizens think are looking after their interests? It’s like leaving the fox to guard the hen house, and the fox loves to eat chicken.

Smith called the NRA (National Rifle Association) a civil rights organization.

He worked for them, and he doesn’t know they are a huge special interest group representing gun and ammunition manufacturers. The NRA is a front group for this powerful lobby. This organization could never be called a civil rights organization. A rose is always a rose, even if called by another name.

I hope that most people won’t be gullible enough to believe this.

I am a ardent reader of the letters column but, henceforth, I will look at the name before wasting my time reading this kind of malarkey.

Robert O. Stone