Defense dominates offense at Wake spring game

Apr. 20, 2013 @ 03:42 PM

Wake Forest's defense probably wasn't going to score in its spring game. The offense certainly couldn't.

Chad Hedlund's 39-yard field goal on the 14th offensive possession gave Black a 3-0 victory over Gold on Saturday.

The Black team consisted of the full offense while the defense comprised the Gold.

The coaching staff opted not to award any points to the defense for forcing turnovers or defensive stops. That meant Gold had to return a takeaway for a touchdown to not be shut out.

The defense didn't score, and for the longest time neither could the offense. It managed just two first downs, one of them by penalty.

Hedlund's kick came nearly an hour into the 70-minute scrimmage. The offense threw four interceptions and lost one fumble.

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