Bulldogs, Vikings split CFVC tennis titles

Apr. 10, 2014 @ 09:14 PM

Terry Sanford's Kiran Patel and the Union Pines' team of Ben Williams and Dylan Dinkins won the conference individual championships, both in sound fashion in their respective finals, Thursday afternoon on the final day of the Cape Fear Valley Conference Tournament hosted by Lee County.

Patel, in his five matches to win the singles tournament, lost two games in two days - one to Southern Lee's Jake Garner in a quarterfinal and one to Southern Lee's Luke Foushee in a semifinal.

In the final, even with a lot of long points and excellent rallies included, Patel was in control of nearly all of them and defeated Bulldog teammate Tejas Dalvi 6-0, 6-0.

Dalvi reached the final via a semifinal which ran more than two hours as he got past teammate Jacob Blackman 7-6 (7-3), 6-3.

All four semifinalists in singles and doubles qualify for the NCHSAA 3A Mideast Regional Championships set for May 2-3 in Burlington.

Foushee, a Cavalier junior, earned a regional berth for the third straight season. He went 3-0 Wednesday to make it to the next stage of the season, defeating Gray's Creek's Derek Esterly 8-0, Cavalier teammate Peyton Wolfe 8-1, then Terry Sanford's Will Zahran 8-6 Wednesday night.

The top two Viking and top two Bulldog doubles teams made it to the semifinals. Williams and Dinkins defeated one Terry Sanford team, Kyu Lee and Alex Hicks, 6-2, 6-0 in the semis.

Terry Sanford's Leo Cho and David Murray led 2-1 in the first set of the final before Williams and Dinkins got going rolling off the next five games in a row. Willams and Dinkins won 6-2, 6-1.

"We started a little slow, but picked it up and finished strong," Williams said.

"(Dylan) gets everything back and keeps points going," said Williams, "and (Ben) puts it away," said Dinkins.

Williams put a good number of points away at the net, but Dinkins hit lots of winners from the baseline as well throughout the final.

The title is the second straight CFVC doubles crown for Williams, a sophomore, and Dinkins, a junior.

"This championship is especially sweet this season because it came against good competition," said Viking head coach John Frye, a NCHSAA Hall of Fame member for his 46-year-and-counting coaching career at Union Pines.

Frye credited Terry Sanford, Southern Lee and Lee County for having good teams, and making the competition better all the way around, this season.

Terry Sanford, a traditional 4A power for many seasons before being realigned into the CFVC this school year, went undefeated in the team season earning the number one seed for the NCHSAA Dual Team State Tournament. The Vikings are the number two seed. The first round for the team tournament is April 29.


Cape Fear Valley Conference Tournament

at Lee County High School



First round

Kiran Patel, Terry Sanford d. Jay Randolph, Southern Lee 8-0

Bruce Kelly, Lee County d. Noah Riddle, SL 8-1

Jake Garner, SL d. James Salisbury, LC 8-4

Noah Summerville, SL d. Carter Hast, Gray’s Creek 8-1

Will Zahran, TS d. Steven Herrera, SL 8-1

Sam Naylor, SL d. Joe Harris, SL 8-3

Luke Foushee, SL d. Derek Esterly, GC 8-0

Peyton Wolfe, SL d. Cole Dumas, Union Pines 8-4

Robert Strickland, GC d. Carlos Jimenez, SL 8-0

John Nguyen, LC d. Jerry Lingyu, SL 8-0

Tyler Jordan, SL d. Darian Castro, GC 8-6

Jacob Blackman, TS d. Raj Patel, LC 8-0

Hunter Randolph, SL d. Josh Arnold, LC 9-7

Issac Asemota, TS d. Daniel Rachunek, GC 8-0

Vaughn Blakely, UP d. Keith Sewell, GC 8-0

Second round

Patel, TS d. Kelly, LC 8-0

Garner, SL d. Summerville, SL 8-1

Zahran, TS d. Naylor, SL 8-0

Foushee, SL d. Wolfe, SL 8-1

Nguyen, LC d. Strickland, GC 8-2

Blackman, TS d. Jordan, SL 8-0

Randolph, SL d. Asemota, TS 8-6

Tejas Dalvi, TS d. Blakely, UP 8-0


Patel, TS d. Garner, SL 8-1

Foushee, SL d. Zahran, TS 8-6

Blackman, TS d. Nguyen, LC 8-1

Dalvi, TS d. Randolph, SL 8-0


Patel, TS d. Foushee, SL 6-0, 6-1

Dalvi, TS d. Blackman, TS 7-6 (7-3), 6-3


Patel, TS d. Dalvi, TS 6-0, 6-0


First round

Ben Williams/Dylan Dinkins, UP d. Kevin Tuton/Brandon Holmes, GC 8-0

Guy Molinar/Alex Shelly, TS d. James Collins/Malik Davis, Westover 8-1

Cameron Daniels/Ryan Babcock, LC d. Devon Travis/Salam Alawadi, Westover 8-1

Kyu Lee/Alex Hicks, TS d. Grayson Garcia/Aaron Murphy, GC 8-0

Cole Welton/Brenton Cameron UP d. Michael Burch/Louis Parayes, LC 8-0

Brandon Harrison/Nick Guilette, GC d. Stephen Xiao/Jonah Tyson, TS 9-7

Harrison Ray/Misham Masood, TS d. Horace Peoples/Jahad Bilal, Westover 8-2

Leo Cho/David Murray, TS d. Cameron Collins/Bryden Harrison, GC 8-2


Williams/Dinkins, UP d. Molinar/Shelly, TS 8-0

Lee/Hicks, TS d. Daniels/Babcock, LC 8-2

Welton/Cameron, UP d. Harrison/Guilette, GC 9-7

Cho/Murray, TS d. Ray/Masood, TS 8-0


Williams/Dinkins, UP d. Lee/Hicks, TS 6-2, 6-0

Cho/Murray, TS, d. Welton/Cameron, UP 6-1, 6-2


Williams/Dinkins, UP d. Cho/Murray, TS 6-2, 6-1