Aug. 22, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

Well, I am sitting here in the sunroom and had just about decided to not write a column this week but then I remembered how many people rely on my wit and wisdom on a Friday morning so I changed my mind and here I am! So I am now awake and ready to write.

Yes, I have found myself dozing late in the evening and it was during one of those cat naps I dreamt Carl Edwards was going to be driving for Joe Gibbs next season.

Whew, imagine my surprise when I woke up and realized it was the truth and not a dream.

There it was rolling across the bottom of my television screen thus it was true. I can't say I am surprised. I have noted that Matt Kenseth and Edwards were not the best of friends when they drove together at Roush, so I am not sure how this is going to work out. When you add the sporadic Denny Hamlin and the egomaniacal Kyle Busch in the foursome, Joe has his work cut out for himself. Trying to keep all of that bunch happy and content will be a nightmare.

This foursome rivals Hendrick and Stewart-Haas in name and ability. I would have to say those are the three strongest teams now in Sprint Cup. If not for Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano, Ford wouldn't have anything compared to those teams. Roush-Fenway is fading and the other teams are just that - other teams.

Speaking of dreams, I guess Tony Stewart is still living a nightmare. I am sure he is still reeling from the last couple of weeks and I just wonder what is going through his mind. Through everything that has been talked about and written about the only one who knows is Stewart.

The only other person who knows is not here to talk; thus we will wait. We will wait for Stewart to speak up and tell his side; then leave the judgement to other powers. Again our thoughts should be with all parties involved.

Another dream I had earlier this year was reading something about Jeff Gordon retiring? Let me tell you something. He ain't ready. Bad back? If he had a bad back, then he found the cure, win, and win and win again. He is having the best season he has had in quite some time. He is driving like the Wonder Boy again and his team is doing everything right. Congrats to Jeff on a great season thus far and, even with the elimination process during the Chase, I still think he should be considered one of the favorites.

I intend to get plenty of rest next week as we will be on vacation. So I will have plenty of time to rest and dream. Dream of the perfect scenario for the final four at Homestead for the championship. Who will be your picks? I know mine and by the time I write another column the picture will be clearer. I am taking next week off to enjoy my vacation. I am not going to be able to watch Bristol and I will not have access to the Internet. To some, maybe that's is a nightmare, too! See you after Atlanta!