IN THE DRAFT: NASCAR's changes make Daytona bigger

Feb. 05, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

Another Super Bowl has come and gone which means Daytona is not far away. I sure hope the race in three weeks is better than the game.

I wonder when Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, is going to change the rules to make the game more interesting? He is probably calling Brian France to get some ideas.

The Super Bowl was anything but super. It was hard to watch Peyton Manning and Broncos disintegrate like they did. Not that I was pulling for either team, I just wanted to see a competitive game. Never have I ever experienced a team deflate as quickly as Denver did. It was similar to a NASCAR team preparing all winter for Daytona only to blow an engine on the first lap.

I know how hard each race team has worked over the last few weeks. They have put in countless hours of overtime for one race. And it is only one race. Their season is 36 weeks of racing all over the United States but they live and die for Speedweeks. Some teams get their annual salary at Daytona which means if they do well, they get paid. If they do bad, there may not be another week. Talk about pressure!

Last week I mentioned the possibility of the Chase changing and now it's official, which adds more pressure to the Daytona 500. Teams, drivers, owners and sponsors now realize what a victory can mean. The winner can almost automatically qualify for the Chase. That would make the next 25 races a little easier.

The new Chase is designed to make consistency less of a factor. The emphasis is being put on winning. I find that to be ludicrous! There is not a person out there who can say one of these drivers doesn't want to win every race.

Kyle Busch said it best. He said winning is the only thing he ever thinks about so this format should suit him just fine.

It is hard to believe it has been a year since we enjoyed our weekend in Charlotte as Herb Thomas was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Where did the time go? Sue and I went out with Marty and Sandy last weekend and we all said we truly enjoyed the opportunity to witness his induction and we wanted to again say a huge thank you to Joel and Vic Thomas for the invitation. We'd never trade the experience for anything. We will always be grateful for what you and your family did. Thanks again!

I want to remind everyone about the Daytona get together at Goodfellas on Feb. 23. I would love for many of the readers to come and watch the race and talk some NASCAR. And as you all know I will talk about anything. We can talk about Herb Thomas and his contribution to NASCAR or we can talk about the NBA, NFL or curling! No subject will be left out. So mark your calendars or post it on Facebook or Twitter! Whatever it takes I want to see you there. See you next week!