IN THE DRAFT: A little trash helps NASCAR

Jul. 18, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

Don't you just love it when two or more athletes start trash talking? You know, like in the NBA when the defender wants to get inside the offensive guy's head? Or in the NFL when a defensive back talks trash to the receiver? Or in professional wrestling? Okay, two out of three, because that's part of the show in wrestling. Well, it has finally struck in NASCAR!

That's right, this past week Jeff Gordon called out Brad Keselowski. Brad made some comments about the Roush engines his team was using and how far behind their engines were compared to Hendrick engines. This came after the first of four straight Ford victories in Michigan. Of course prior to that Hendrick had won four in a row.

Brad said their engines were about a year behind at that point. It sure looks like someone has been playing catchup rather quickly because now Ford has won four in a row. Jeff followed Brad's comments with some thoughts of his own; such as Brad being full of something, or Brad is full of himself. Either way, what Jeff said wasn't very nice.

The point I'm trying to make is their bantering adds a little something to the rivalries that are being created by the fact it has become a Ford versus Chevrolet. The past few years have been dominated by Chevrolet and it's won the manufacturers trophy many years in a row. I do not understand why Ford has become so good as of late but it is good to see.

But I would rather see someone besides Keselowski as a spokesperson representing Ford. Brad's youth and inexperience sometimes creates problems. I have always been a Roush fan and can't understand why the Roger Penske cars are so much better. Carl Edwards is the only Roush-Fenway driver who has shown any consistency. Greg Biffle and Ricky Stenhouse have been basically unseen.

I know it is the handling of the cars in the turns. All of those cars are good in a straightaway but the differences come in the turns. It all depends on how quick the drivers can get back in to the gas as they exit the turn. I guess Penske has a better group of engineers in the shop to make those decisions. Add that to a Roush engine and it makes four in a row. Keep it going Ford!

We have a week off before going to Indianapolis. There are some teams that really need to get things moving or they will find themselves as part of the silly season early. It is going to be interesting to see if some different winners sneak into victory lane. I still think the Chase will be interesting this year. At least I hope so.

It was announced today the cars in the Chase would have their rooftop numbers painted yellow during the Chase. Also they will have special decals on their cars. After the cars have been eliminated they will revert back to their original colors. I think it a cool idea. It is refreshing to see NASCAR do something different to add to the Chase. Now if we can just get a new champion! See you next week!