IN THE DRAFT: Bristol provided fighting and fun

Mar. 20, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Leave it up to Bristol! After some unexciting action in Daytona, Phoenix and Las Vegas everyone knew a short track would be the remedy to the Gen6 and Denny Hamlin sickness.

Did I mention Hamlin? He has been able to keep himself in the news and that is exciting enough. I used to think that title belonged to Jimmy Spencer but no more.

First of all, the racing was exciting at Bristol. What little I watched. That's right. There was a basketball game on that drew my attention more than the race did. I kept the television tuned to the game and would turn it during commercials. I saw Tony Stewart wreck. I hate to see anyone wreck but at Bristol it's expected. He blew a tire and hit the wall.

I went back to the game and watched it until Miami went ahead to stay. Now Jeff Gordon was leading. Where did he come from? He was floundering in the middle of the pack before the first caution. And he was leading Matt Kenseth who is obviously driving a good car. He has had a good car everywhere they have been thus far. Why isn't Joey Logano successful in the same car? Did I mention Logano? I will get back to him.

All of a sudden, Gordon blows a tire, hits the wall and collects Kenseth in the process. I found irony in this. It was just a few years ago Gordon went after Kenseth on pit road after a race. In fact, he pushed Matt and words were exchanged. Of course it was Bristol and that has been known to happen. The ironic thing about his wreck Sunday was he apologized to Matt and Jeff said it was entirely his fault. One year you try to punch a guy and later you take blame for wrecking him? That shows class. Not! By the time they get to Martinsville they will probably be wrestling.

Those two will have to take second billing. Hamlin and Logano will be the top draw.

Isn't it amazing Denny is in the news so much after he said he would not talk racing anymore?

And isn't it interesting Logano is not much of a factor in the same car Kenseth is doing so well in?

The funny thing is Hamlin and Logano used to be teammates at Joe Gibbs Racing. Do you think that went through Denny's head just before he spun Joey while Joey was battling for the lead?

Of course not! Hamlin's brain doesn't work that quick. Denny has said he doesn't pay a lot of attention to the other cars, he is too busy racing. And I doubt he even recognized Joey until after the race when Logano approached him in the pits.

All of this is just a setup to keep everyone watching. The teams have never left Bristol without someone being mad at somebody else. It's become a tradition and I am sure Denny and Joey will one day become friends again and the next time they wreck each other, they'll just apologize to each other. But don't bet on it yet. Martinsville is soon.

Before I sign off today I want to make those of you who use Twitter aware of a real funny tweeter. He goes by the handle 'nascarcasm' and where he comes up with this stuff amazes me. I will occasionally share one with you.

His best tweet on Sunday was he heard Kenseth had signed a 50-year contract with JGR. He wants to stay on Hamlin's team forever if that is how he treats ex-teammates.

See you after California!