IN THE DRAFT: NASCAR finds illegal parts in haystack

Apr. 23, 2013 @ 05:22 PM

The past week has not been one to remember. The Boston Marathon bombings. The fertilizer plant blast in West Texas. The media coverage of both. All of it was overwhelming and unsettling and I couldn't wait to get back to racing to have something light to write about.

Remember when everyone said qualifying was not a big deal? Well, I guess three straight winners from the pole position tells us otherwise. Jimmie Johnson won at Martinsville, Kyle Busch at Texas and Matt Kenseth at Kansas.

I don't think where they started had anything to do with it. The main advantage is the pit stall that comes with along with the starting position.

Track position has always been important and now it seems to be more so. The pole winner gets his, or hers, if Danica Patrick ever wins another one, choice of pit stall and they always take the first one. They can get out of the pit first and get the clean air they need. I never thought it was important, but again, I am wrong.

I think if the Boston police had used someone from NASCAR they could have solved the mystery of who was responsible for the bombing a lot sooner! I am sorry, but how did NASCAR find those wrong parts on the cars of Keselowski and Logano without some great detective work? Or maybe someone from another team saw it and reported it?

Either way, I believe both teams were wrong and if it proves out they were wrong they need to be penalized. Now I also believe Roger Penske runs an upright program so I think the parts had been approved before and thus why were they not approved in Texas.

I think NASCAR changes the rules according to how they feel on a particular weekend, or maybe according to the team which might be at fault. I'm not saying NASCAR plays favorites, but we all know that all teams cheat or play the gray area of the rulebook, so why don't they all get caught? Because like I said last week, it's not what you know, but who you know! Or who you are!

Did anyone read what David Gilliland said about Danica after the race in Kansas? It seems she was upset about the way he races against her and she made threats against him during the race.

Before I continue let's look at some facts about Patrick. She currently ranks 25th in points and is ahead of such notables as Juan Pablo Montoya and Bobby Labonte and is within sight of Tony Stewart and Jeff Burton. She receives attention far out of proportion to her actual racing statistics thus she draws more heat and notice than most drivers. So when she gets to talking other drivers don't always listen.

She was not pleased with Gilliland and the way he raced against her on Sunday. She proclaimed that he tries to take her out every time, so Danica told her team to tell his spotter that she was coming after him if he did it again.

She never got the chance, and she didn't give a post-race interview, but Gilliland had a simple message for Patrick, "shut up and race!" So Gilliland is a philosopher now. Good thing he can have something to fall back on because I imagine Danica will still be driving while he is looking for work.

On the other hand about Danica, as I was watching the closing laps Sunday I think I realized why she always has a camera in her car. It's a good way to show the leaders as she gets lapped during the race.

Well, let's go the Virginia and watch a little Saturday night action. Maybe everyone will be legal and maybe Danica can finish on the lead lap. I bet you that neither will happen, but we will only know about her getting lapped. See you after Richmond!