IN THE DRAFT: A leaky garage

Jul. 10, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

I think I have found Edward Snowden! Although he has some new friends in Latin America, I believe he must be must out in Daytona.

Who else could have found problems with roof flaps on so many cars? Someone had to have some inside information and who better than Snowden?

It's bazaar, to say the least, that so many teams had altered roof flaps before the races at Daytona. A track and a race where the flaps are very important to safety and somebody had the bright idea to makes them all a bit smaller. Why? What was there to gain? Safety has to be the most important part and especially after the big crash in the Nationwide race in February.

Who keeps turning all of these teams in for what they are doing? Every time someone is caught with illegal parts on their cars, which teams always appear to be clean? Hendrick. And you can't tell me they are squeaky clean!

So I am guessing Hendrick somehow got Snowden into Daytona, he overheard some conversations and reported back to someone at Hendrick headquarters. So NASCAR scours the pits checking roof flaps. I doubt NASCAR just decided to do that at the last minute without some reason to check them.

When the penalties come out it could be big trouble for a couple of the teams. And I think penalties will happen because this was messing with safety. The real loser in this could be Brad Keselowski. His team has been on probation since a rule infraction earlier this season so all eyes are on them. I still haven't figured out who told on them before. If I recall, they were parked on pit row beside a Hendrick car. I will let you do the math.

As for the racing at Daytona, other than no one being able to pass the leader, it wasn't that bad. There was a lot of passing behind Jimmie Johnson, but no one could come close to passing Johnson. He was the class of the field and except for a couple of hiccups along the way he is the best. I know they still have a few races before the Chase begins, but he has been too good. Matt Kenseth, just like Johnson, has won four times, but he has not been dominant in any races other than those he won. No one is close to those two. If I was a betting person I would put my money on Johnson and love my chances.

I will say this about a move Jimmie did Saturday night. Late in the race he caused a wreck when he tried to block Marcos Ambrose and Ambrose took out Kasey Kahne. Johnson was in the middle and he went a little higher than usual. Ambrose tried to get beneath him in the middle. Johnson came down and literally pushed him into Kahne.

No one on television said a thing about that move. They tried to blame Ambrose when it was clear to me what happened. Why can't they admit what happened? It proves my point that no one wants to blame a Hendrick car for anything. Here is the real kicker, Rick Hendrick is blaming NASCAR for inconsistencies in its restart policies as to why Johnson has had trouble. Stay tuned because I am sure the rules are about to change.

I am through blasting away at Hendrick because no one agrees or listens to me. I feel like I need to take some form of political asylum. Maybe I can move to a foreign country, perhaps Venezuela, or Virginia? They might agree with me. See you after Dover!