IN THE DRAFT: Four's a crowd

Aug. 28, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Let's sit back and imagine this scenario. Four temperamental people in a meeting room try to discuss their agenda. The problem is they all have their own agenda and do not realize what it takes to create teamwork. Each claims to be on the other person's side yet, when the going gets tough, they will probably bail out on each other. I think this scenario could be played out at Stewart-Haas Racing next year.

It was announced Monday that Kurt Busch is joining Stewart-Haas Racing to make up its fourth team. I don't understand. Tony Stewart has an attitude. Kevin Harvick has an attitude. Kurt Busch has an attitude. Danica Patrick has an attitude.

Put those four in the same room and there won't enough air available for them to survive.

I really do not understand why they decided to drop Ryan Newman and bring in Kurt Busch. Just a few weeks ago, Stewart said they didn't have the backing to field four teams; and now Gene Haas is going to fund Busch from his own back pocket. Newman would not have been my choice to dismiss.

I know between the main three, Stewart, Harvick and Busch they have 96 Cup victories and four championships. I also know Newman could have made the group almost invincible, thus why didn't they cut Danica loose?

The only thing she can do is carry an in-car camera and sell souvenirs. She will probably never win a race, but who in their right mind would release the most popular driver in all of racing?

None of this makes sense to me, but since when did anything Stewart had a hand in make sense? Stewart was supposed to be Newman's friend and he lied to him and betrayed him. And now they add a whining Busch to the fold. I don't understand!

There was one thing that happened this week that made me proud and yet still a bit confused. Kasey Kahne was a gentlemen and raced Matt Kenseth clean at Bristol.

During the previous four races, someone from Gibbs Racing had wrecked Kahne. He had an opportunity to get some revenge but he didn't. Somehow while driving around Bristol at 120 mph, he was able to realize the big picture and he knew he had more to lose than to gain. He could have wrecked Kenseth and himself but, by choosing not too, he improved his position in the Chase. Points are crucial all year, but never more than during the last few races. I was proud of Kahne, but confused, because a win would have solidified his Chase spot.

His temperament would never allow him to drive at Stewart-Haas Racing. I hope everyone has a great Labor Day and see you after Atlanta!