IN THE DRAFT: Never count out No. 48

Oct. 02, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.

That is an old jingle made famous a long time ago. Okay? Maybe it was last year? If I say how long ago, I will be telling on myself. All I know is it's one of those jingles that's been stuck back in my memory until Sunday's race and Jimmie Johnson.

I love baseball! I played as a youngster. I coached, umpired and enjoyed watching my boys play when they were younger. I have always been an Atlanta Braves fan. Even back in the 70's and 80's, when they were bad, I followed every game. Today I do not feel as though I have to watch games like I used too, but the playoffs are starting and I will watch as much as I possibly can. Baseball is an All-American sport and there is nothing like October and the playoffs.

I love hot dogs. In fact, I like them too much. I am so glad I do not know what goes into the making of a hot dog. I am afraid if I find out I will never eat one again. Mustard, slaw, chili and onions! What a treat! Some people don't know how to make a good hot dog. You have to put the condiments on in a particular order or they don't taste quite right. It is unAmerican to not put on the mustard, then the slaw with the onions and chili on top. Don't that sound good?

I struggle with apple pie and Chevrolet. For some reason I do not like baked apples, thus I don't like apple pie. I must be from another country or planet, but I can't help it. I know there isn't any dessert much better than apple pie with ice cream and I apologize, but leave the pie off and give me ice cream.

That leaves Chevrolet. My father was a General Motors person. I can remember many days as a child going with him to the dealership in Siler City to just look at cars. That is not why I dislike them. Maybe it could be I sell Ford and Chrysler? No, that's not the answer. I think it goes back to my days listening to races.

Although my dad listened to every race he could, I can't remember him pulling for a make of car and it seems he always was pulling for a non-Chevy driver. I guess I have followed in his footsteps.

It appears another Chevrolet is going to win another NASCAR title. I recall what I said last week about the fat lady and Matt Kenseth, but we all know to never count out Johnson.

I forgot how dominant Johnson has been in Dover and he proved with his win Sunday to not give up on him. Three races have been run in the Chase and it seems to have come down to three drivers. If Jimmie is one of the three he will always be the favorite.

The way this year's Chase is shaping up it is going to take some major misfortune to Johnson, Kenseth or Kyle Busch to keep one of them from winning. The three of them are consistent on all the remaining tracks.

The wild card as always is Talladega because anything can happen there and it usually does. Somehow Johnson has always been able to escape trouble there, so again give a Chevrolet the advantage.

Well there you have it. I guess I need to visit a psychiatrist. I don't like apple pie and I don't like Chevrolet. But I know every word to the Star-Spangled Banner. Now I have three out of five...I do bleed red, white and blue! See you after Kansas!