IN THE DRAFT: Dominant in their fields

Jun. 12, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Why are we as American sports enthusiasts so enthralled with disliking winners? With the NBA Finals and golf's U.S. Open taking place this week, two of the most disliked winners are in the forefront of the sporting world. Lebron James and Tiger Woods.

In the world of NASCAR, add Jimmie Johnson to the list, but my question is, why?

I guess most fans dislike James because he acts as if he never commits a foul or does anything wrong on the court. Maybe they don't like him because of how he was in Cleveland and his signing with Miami created too much hoopla. I don't know the answer. While I don't care for his attitude, you have to admit he is good.

James has carried his team on his shoulders for most of the playoffs. They are bound to be getting heavy but he has not complained. James does not play the game, go home and wait until the next game. He is constantly watching game film or working on the mental part of the game.

Lebron could be the best to have ever played. His skills are above others and he plays the game with a passion I don't see in most. I am not one of his biggest fans but he is the best and I appreciate the way he plays the game.

Woods lost a lot of his appeal with his past troubles. I do not agree with what he has done, but when you take that out of the equation he is the best golfer. Yes, he is arrogant and I very seldom see him smile while playing golf, but again, he is so mental about the game that his concentration is above others. Golfers are different. They have to remain focused for every shot.

I respect Tiger's ability and his desire to win. I enjoy watching him play and I am just like most people because every tournament Woods plays is followed closer than others. Whether we want to admit it, the NBA needs Lebron and the PGA needs Tiger. Which brings me to Johnson.

Why do we dislike Johnson? All he does is win and win and win. It seems like he keeps his nose clean and he has a beautiful family. So what is it about him that we hate?

During Sunday's race it was obvious that unless the car broke Johnson was going to win. No one could stay close to him. The challengers came and went and he was dominant.

You know Johnson could have made a fuss over the late-race penalty last week at Dover. He decided to let it go and take any frustrations out on the track in Pocono and he did.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. may have said it best. He said Johnson could be the best ever in NASCAR. He is the best driver. He has the best crew chief in Chad Knaus and he has the best team at Hendrick. Johnson's record speaks for itself.

He has already clinched a spot in the Chase with 12 races before the Chase begins. As much as I hate to say this, he is the best. If you can find an argument with that then please tell me.

So this week as you watch the NBA championship, please pay attention to James. And this weekend as you watch the U.S. Open, watch Woods and how much he stays focused on the course. Then as you watch the race in Michigan, you will see another professional working his craft as Johnson tries to put himself in position for another title. These three may or may not win their respective championships this time around, but they are worth watching because we may never see this kind of dominance again.

Happy Father's Day to all dads and see you after Michigan!