IN THE DRAFT: Tiger trumped Sprint Cup action

Mar. 13, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Three races into the 2013 Sprint Cup season and finally a race worth watching!

Sue and I attended the UNC-Duke matchup Saturday night and after watching that dud of a game it was a relief to watch a sporting event as exciting as the Las Vegas 400!

When the race started it was a fantastic beginning for Kasey Kahne. He did allow Brad Keselowski to lead the first nine laps before dominating the next 33 laps. He was gradually pulling away from the field before those exciting green flag pit stops began. And after everyone had cycled through and made their stops Kahne was right back in front and he led again until lap 66.

A caution flag came out and pit stops were made by everyone. Poor Danica Patrick! She was already two laps down when a tire got away from the crew as she pitted and she was penalized and thus ended up four laps down but at least it was exciting. That new Gen6 car is everything it's supposed to be!

Of course when the green flag dropped Jimmie Johnson grabbed the lead and led 42 heart-stopping laps. Green flag pit stops came around again and he gave up the lead for one lap to Ricky StenPatrick but Johnson took back over and led for 18 more laps. 

From that point the lead traded several times between Kahne, Keselowski, Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin. Yes, Hamlin led for three laps. There was so much drama involved when he led! I could hardly contain myself! I was on the edge of my seat and short of breath! But he surrendered the lead back to Busch before the race was decided between Kahne and Matt Kenseth.

Kenseth led the final 40 laps and was able to hold off a hard-charging Kahne. Several times Kahne got within a car length or two, but in the end it was Kenseth capturing his first victory in a Toyota and since leaving Roush Fenway. It was a great and exciting win for a well-liked driver.

Now for the truth. Yes, I am happy for Kenseth. And no, I am not as excited as you might think. I didn't watch the race. I am installing some flooring in the den and the television was on the race but I would turn it to keep check on Tiger Woods. He had a four-shot lead and I found that as intriguing as the race.

Next, I agree with Hamlin. The Gen6 car still has a lot of questions that will be answered. In the meantime, NASCAR shouldn't be so quick to pull the trigger on fines just because a driver expresses an opinion it doesn't like. What Hamlin said was nowhere near as bad as what Kyle Busch said when the Car of Tomorrow debuted.

Hamlin was honest and I think NASCAR knew he was right. Hamlin was just a bit impatient and has not given the Gen6 a chance. NASCAR was very impatient and did not give Denny a chance. NASCAR just wanted to make an example of Hamlin and that is just the way they are.

I'd be surprised if I don't get fined or suspended for writing what a lot of people are thinking. I am just fortunate enough to be able to put it into print. I am going to take some valium next Sunday and get ready to watch another exciting race! See you after Bristol. Maybe?