Cavs debut Fundamentals First football camp

Jul. 20, 2013 @ 04:27 PM

Coaches and campers at the Fundamentals First Youth Football Camp beat most of the heat last week by getting out on Southern Lee's practice field in the morning. They also did it, at least for some of the last day of camp, with water balloons.

Defensive coordinator Nick Lippert still turned the water balloons into an athletic drill, at least for a little bit. The young campers, really not slowed by the heat anyway, ran pass routes, tried to softly catch the tossed balloon and if they made the reception, got to run after the camp counselor of their pick to fire the balloon at him. The end result was a little extra conditioning for camper and varsity Cavalier player alike.

The week, with the first-ever Fundamentals First camp run by Lippert and his fellow Southern Lee assistants, was about learning the game the right way, whether the campers are getting set for a Pop Warner, middle school or high school season.

Lippert is one of the new Cavalier coaches, coming in along with new head coach Don Simon, who are taking over a Southern Lee squad which went 2-9 last year.

Prior to the water balloon drill on Friday, the week was about proper techniques, improving speed and footwork, how to block, how to carry the ball and how to tackle the right way.

There was no live tackling throughout the camp though. Correct tackling was taught, then practice versus, pads and bags.

Returning varsity Cavaliers, who've been out in the heat and humidity plenty working for their new head coach for the past few months ahead of the official Aug. 1 start of preseason practices, made the work fun and exciting for the younger kids.

Learning on the fly is only natural for a new coaching staff and it was true for the Sanford debut of Fundamentals First. Next summer, Lippert said, the camp will likely be scheduled earlier in the summer as last week was the first week of the new school year at year-around Tramway Elementary School - which Lippert learned only after the camp date was set.

Nonetheless, this year's campers learned skills which will pay off this season and had a cool finish to a tiring week.