Beale aces par four at Sanford

Jun. 27, 2013 @ 06:05 PM

Every hole in one is memorable, so is every albatross. Woody Beale got both in one swing last Friday on the par-four No. 13 hole at Sanford Municipal Golf Course.

"For someone who's 78 years old, it was exciting, very exciting. My time's running out for something like this," said Beale.

His drive on the 220-yard par four came in from right to left, bounding onto the green and into the cup. Beale and his playing partners, Paul Gay, Jim Love Jr. and Richard Hendley, knew it was a good shot. From the tee though, only the top of the flagstick is visible. The group which had just left the green cheered the shot. Beale didn't know for sure though until they reached the green.

"At first, I thought it just hit and went through the green," Beale said while on the 13th green Thursday retelling the albatross ace and pointing to the fringe and rough behind the green.

"Then we looked in the hole and there it was," he said.

Matthew Honeycutt, assistant golf course manager at the course, said it's the second hole in one on No. 13, or any other par four at Sanford Golf Course, from 2002 to today.

Beale, a Broadway resident and a left-handed golfer, has one previous hole in one, on a par three at Carolina Lakes Golf Course in 2007.

Sanford Golf Course hosted another ace a few days later. Jimmy Pharr made a one on the par-three No. 14, making a nine-iron from 130 yards on Wednesday. Jimmy was playing with his wife, Ida.

Beale is making sure to keep the scorecard. The "1" is circled. If he gets the card framed, he might want to circle the par "4" to make sure everyone sees it's an extra-rare ace.

He's got another round lined up with the same foursome today.

"I'll play as long as I'm able to breathe," he said, "and be a little bit competitive."