IN THE DRAFT: Everything but the win

May. 15, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

When will Kyle Busch learn? When will he realize that, unlike a Nationwide race, Sprint Cup races are not over until that checkered flag falls?

It's amazing he's led the most laps in nine races this year and hasn't won any of the nine. Let's see if we can find out why.

Kyle Busch can drive a race car! I make no bones about it and neither does he. Tiger Woods is the best golfer on the planet but no one likes him because of is attitude. Busch has an attitude, too, but the only difference between him and Tiger? Tiger knows how to finish.

I think Busch is as close to the old style of driver as there has been in a long time. He is not afraid to ruffle someone's feathers a little and he is not afraid to get under your skin because he doesn't care what the fans think. He only wants to win.

Busch wins every Nationwide race he enters, but I believe his team and his car are far superior to any other that races. No one is able to explain why they are but they are. I just don't know why he can't carry it over to Sprint Cup.

Busch dominates like no one else for a while and, just like Saturday night in Darlington, he fades at the end. I wonder if he is making the calls for changes during pit stops or do they think that what worked early in the race will work late? My opinion is they fail to keep up with changing track conditions and usually they have one bad pit stop that puts them back in the pack.

Communication is key for these teams! Look at how well Matt Kenseth talks to his crew and it's been adding up to victories. Saturday night was a perfect example of Busch not making the right call and others making good decisions during the last pit stop. Busch went from domination to sixth place and fading at the end.

Let me add this about Busch. Did you see all of his friends in victory circle after the Nationwide win Friday night? His wife Samantha and his mom were there, along with his four dogs. That's right, four dogs. That may have been the first time I have seen the family pets in victory lane. I guess it is a dog's world after all.

Okay, I need to make a correction that my good friend Marty Oldham called me out on last week. David Ragan and David Gilliland drive for Front Row Racing and not Furniture Row. My bad, but I was so excited to see Fords up front and win that I just didn't realize my mistake.

It's time for the All-Star Race in Charlotte. If it is anything like it has been the last couple of years they should change the name to the Boredom 125. Naw, they can't do that because all races would have the same name, but 125 laps should give Kyle Busch a chance to win. That's it! Saturday night's race should have been the Southern 483. Five hundred miles was just a bit too far! See you next week.