ASK THE GOAT: Ultra cool products

Jun. 26, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

Many of you have asked me about certain products I have been using during races and training. Here is a brief description of those products which have made my life in the ultra-realm easier and more enjoyable.

Trail Toes

Without getting into the history, just know this company rediscovered, adapted and refined a chemical formula to make the perfect anti-chafe product. It has a consistency similar to Vaseline, but stays in place, works well whether wet or dry (that’s right triathletes, you can use this stuff from head to toe, in wetsuits and bike chamois). For ultra-distance running, this stuff prevents monkey-butt, nipple-chafing, and reduces the friction in shoes which cause blisters and toenails to disjoin. Owned and operated by an active duty soldier who champions veterans, military and athletes alike. I do not run trails unless I run Trail Toes. Use code “Irish Goat” at checkout for a 10 percent discount. Website:

Leki Micro Vario Carbon Z-Poles

Most of you have seen me trekking about with collapsible poles. Although I began with the Black Diamond variety, which are very light-weight and portable, I have recently switched to the Leki brand. Their Micro Vario Carbon Z-Poles are slightly heavier than their BD rival, but are virtually indestructible and are adjustable for all heights. For mountain trekking, the UTMB or Grand to Grand, these poles will serve you well. I have tested them in extreme conditions and never felt they would snap or break. They fold down into a compact and easily packable configuration. Leki also has a great philanthropic history and sponsors individual athletes doing charity events. Website:


For adventure races, stage racing or simply hiking the Appalachians, water filtration is a must. I personally have had enough of iodine tablets and bulky pumps to ensure my drinking water isn’t filled with brain-eating amoebae. SteriPEN uses a high-intensity UV light to sterilize and purify water in emergency situations. I have carried pumps, filters and additives of all types through Texas trails, and always felt uneasy about the water after I treated it. SteriPEN has been selected multiple times for product and innovation excellence in water treatment, and has always supported adventure/survival runners. Website:

Dirty Girl Gaiters

At least in the various North Carolina running communities, I know most of you have already been introduced to DGG. I have worn them on trails and roads across three countries, 13 states and over 50 parks. They work awesome in conjunction with Trail Toes by keeping debris out of the lubricant. What I did not know until recently was DGG has a great history of product support for charity runners and a great philanthropic mission. They are easy to wear with virtually all footwear –to include my trail combo of “Vibram in a Luna Sandal.” Website: