Getting down in the mud

Jun. 29, 2014 @ 05:02 AM

Individuals and teams, along with groups of individuals who had no choice but to become teams on the fly, ran, crawled, climbed, slipped, waded and slid to make it through a 5K course around Devil's Ridge Motocross Saturday as the track, primarily for athletes on two wheels, was for athletes on two or four limbs for the Filthy Fun Mud Run.

The second annual Mud Run at Devil's Ridge, organized by Filthy Fun Events, was a 5K with a little bit of plain, old running in it. Filthy Fun Events promises "a playground for adults." Flooded holes, climbing walls, passing under wire obstacles (with more mud), making it up and down steep slopes - which normally send motocross riders airborne - chopping through tires and a big slip and slide down one hill make the race partly hilarious and partly a serious test of strength and stamina.
Team Beast, made up of Malik Singletary, Daryle Morgan and Marcellina Morgan, from Sanford, Cameron and Hope Mills, were ready for anything on the course for a simple reason.
"Because we're Team Beast," said Marcellina.
"It's about fitness, health and staying in shape," Singletary said.
"And determination and will power," Daryle said.
They did the 10K Special Operators Challenge in Raeford and the Rugged Maniac in Asheboro recently. Team Beast is recruiting and had a few fans, meaning potential teammates, come out Saturday.
Daryle and Malik are track and field athletes and this is great unofficial training.
"We're trying to do one (race) every other month and we're trying to increase in size," said Malik, saying as well to check out Team Beast on facebook.
Teams of family, friends or coworkers took to the course together. For most of the athletes, just finishing and helping others finish was the main goal. Actual teammates or not, helping fellow racers over walls, up after a slip and with lots of encouragement was the norm by the time racers reached the first wall.
The emcee at the starting line reminds each runner camaraderie and teamwork are the part of the Filthy Fun, along with tying shoes tightly - though the mud still might win once or twice - and memorizing your bib number - for it might fall off.
For extra motivation, finishers received water - finally to drink - and/or beer along with a hosing off thanks to Northwest Pocket and Lemon Springs fire fighters.
The main driving factor though was completing the challenge; for oneself and for the team whether they started the race as part of a team or not.