IN THE DRAFT: Think before you speak

Jul. 03, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

I attend Goldston United Methodist Church and teach the junior high class. Over the years I have tried to stress to the young people the importance of thinking before they speak. Once the words escape your mouth, you can’t put them back. I wonder if Kyle Petty had been in my class if he would have listened.

Last week, Kyle decided to open his mouth and attempt to tell the world two things. First, Danica Patrick was not a race car driver; she is just a marketing tool for NASCAR. Second, he told everyone how little he thinks before he speaks.

I have said Patrick is not necessarily a great driver. So I can’t disagree with Petty too much, but for him to say that is kind of like the kettle calling the pot black or him throwing a rock at a glass house.

Patrick is a creditable race car driver or she wouldn’t be in NASCAR. Patrick is a marketing dream. So put the two together and I guess she is good for NASCAR.

I also like Petty. He can be a bit outspoken. I agree with him on a lot. Kyle was not a great driver either. He was given the best equipment in his time and he failed to achieve what his father or grandfather achieved. He was under a lot scrutiny and he failed to live up the expectations.

Patrick might be in her car because of who she is and not because of her talent, but that also described Kyle Petty’s career. He only got in the car because he was a Petty. The one difference between the two is he is not much on the marketing side. Although he has his father’s smile, he doesn’t have his father’s personality.

The best thing Patrick has done thus far in her career is carry a camera in her car to watch the leaders as they pass her late in a race. She won a pole at Daytona, though, and I bet Petty can’t claim one of those. And she won the fan vote for the All-Star race in Charlotte. The fans love her and don’t really care how she drives.

If Danica is a marketing manager’s dream, then NASCAR needs more of her!

Again we watched a race where the stands were about half full. I realize it was a rainout, which hurts the turnout, but usually more than half would come back the next day. I feel sorry for Kentucky Speedway. They have had the worst luck due to traffic issues and now rain. Attendance has been hurt by both so maybe a new strategy needs to take over.

I don’t have the answer to any of these issues. I guess NASCAR needs to listen to Kyle Petty or market Danica Patrick more. The only thing I know is I wish Kyle would have been in my Sunday School class. It wouldn’t have made him any smarter but maybe he would have thought before he spoke. Naw! Not Kyle. As I have been told, you can’t reach everyone but you can’t stop trying. See you after Daytona and watch out Petty! Patrick might just win!