ASK THE GOAT: Loose ends and thanks to Sanford

Jan. 17, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Goat: “I have a couple of questions from other articles you have written. First, did you get ‘burnt out’ in 2012 like you wrote you are prone to do? Second, did you get the Bronze Shoe you were competing for? And last, did you ever reach your contribution goal for the Iceland race?” Signed “Follow-up Fred”

Dear Fred: Thank you so much for inquiring. Sometimes my articles do reference future events that I seldom have a chance to address later. Your queries actually range back to events I wrote about last summer. Here are the answers:

First: Yes. 2012 burnt me out. Since my wife was serving in Kuwait the better part of 2012, I undertook the largest amount of training and competition miles thus far. I ran just shy of 4,000 miles total, 1,800 of them in competitive events. After the final relocation to Texas in November, I virtually competed half of the days I lived there. The final weeks leading up to the New Year, I was running over 184 miles per week. I think it is safe to say that both my body and mind were completely burnt out. I am still recovering from the final barrage of my 2012 race schedule.

Second: I am honored to say I received the coveted Mangum Track Club Bronze Shoe Award. Its technical name is the “What’s the Point?” race trophy. It was a pretty tough battle this year, with several very talented runners from all over the country pushing to gain the most competition miles for the win. All points must be during the 2012 calendar year, and the longer the race, the more each aggregate mile is weighted in the point system. I will not be competing for the win in 2013, however, as I plan to be spending three out of every four weekends with Mrs. Goat. She is not slated to deploy again until 2015, at which time I am exploring the possibilities of running the entire Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.

Third: I am happy to say that I not only reached my goal level of contributions for the Iceland trip, but did it all while still living in North Carolina. What this means to me cannot be overstated. Sanford provided over $10,000 to the Runwell Foundation. Runwell, in turn, provided many rehabilitation grants to deserving individuals throughout the country. By sponsoring me as an Iceland Competitor, you all have changed the life of many. Months before I even step foot on my race soil, your steps have initiated multiple treatments for addicts. I wanted to thank each and every one of you who supported me financially, emotionally or just sent a short letter wishing me well on this endeavor.

And thank you, Fred, for asking for some follow-up clarification.