IN THE DRAFT: NASCAR fans need patience, right now

Mar. 06, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

There is an old cartoon about a wolf who happens upon a teacher who has been driven crazy by his students. The wolf meets the teacher as he is attempting to run away from his responsibility and the teacher hands over his duties as a teacher to the wolf. The only response the wolf has is that you gotta have patience. That is all the requirement for teaching is patience.

Well, two races into the 2013 season and a lot of drivers and fans are being tested.

First of all, we must give this new car time to be a proven commodity. We must be patient and not expect the competition to be what we are hoping for. It takes time!

Sure they have tested the cars, and sure they know they are better than last year's cars, but there are little nuances that come with the first visit to a track.

They have tested with a few cars on the track but that's not the same as having 43 cars out there. Each week brings new challenges and with each challenge the teams must practice patience.

It seems a few teams have figured out some things which have prevented them from showing their lack of patience.

Jimmie Johnson wins at Daytona, finishes second in Phoenix and yet he accused Carl Edwards of not following protocol on the last restart. Johnson thought Edwards slowed down enough to allow Brad Keselowski a chance to push him ahead of the field.

And you know what? He may have, but what is worse? Slowing on a restart or tearing up your car after you win a race? We may never know on either one, but then again, if we are patient we may have an answer real soon.

All of the media world must be patient with Danica Patrick. She is a rookie driver and she is going to have bad races. When a right front tire blows there ain't but one place to go and that is into the wall. So please give her a break and at the same time give me a break! If she qualifies 40th like she did at Phoenix then so what. I don't care. Friday evening I saw on the sports ticker on ESPN that Mark Martin had won the pole and the only other one they showed was, you guessed it, Patrick 40th. And for that I lost my patience. She is not that important!

After two races there are a few drivers who are having all kinds of early season troubles. Kevin Harvick, Kasey Kahne and Kyle Busch have struggled. Harvick seemed in good shape but reality hit him in the face at Daytona. Kahne qualified well at Daytona and Phoenix but doesn't have much to show for his efforts. Kyle Busch seems to be having the most trouble.

He ran well at Daytona and won the Nationwide race in Phoenix but he is having all kinds of troubles during the race. Wrecks. Spins. His mom wrecking.

That's right! Kyle and Kurt's mom wrecked while driving through the tunnel at Phoenix on Saturday. My question - why was she leaving during the race? Her son was leading and running away from everyone. Maybe she is like most of us and doesn't like him either?

Just like the wolf in the cartoon we need to practice patience as the season gets started. These machines are new to everyone and it will get better soon. I hope? I am afraid I will turn out like the wolf did later in the cartoon. He lost it! He lost his patience with the students just like the teacher before him.

So as the wolf said at the end of cartoon, "you gotta have patience man! That's all these kids need is some understanding and patience." I sure hope the wolf is right. I ain't got time to be patient! See you after Las Vegas!