IN THE DRAFT: Week away from track won't stop feuding

Apr. 03, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Another Easter has come and gone and we have had the opportunity to remember the crucifixion and why He chose to die for us.

I wonder if a couple or three Sprint Cup drivers have found forgiveness in their hearts during the week? Martinsville will disclose if they have repented or not!

First of all, I doubt Denny Hamlin has forgiven Joey Logano. Last week I wrote a rather lengthy column and I failed to mention that I never once thought Logano meant to put Hamlin in the wall and him get hurt. Everyone watching knew he was going to wreck Hamlin or they would wreck each other but never in Logano's wildest dreams did he intend Hamlin hitting the wall as hard as he did. It was definitely unintentional.

Logano has expressed his concern over Hamlin's health and was apologetic. He even sent messages via Twitter but Hamlin never replied so I guess he was either too mad or doesn't want to accept his apology. I really thought the time of the season would have some effect on his feelings but I guess not.

When this episode started, I really thought it was kind of stupid. Everyone who follows Sprint Cup knew a wreck between the two was inevitable but I thought it would happen at Martinsville. But then again, I never thought those two would be racing for a win in California. So I guess we all were surprised.

Now I wonder if Tony Stewart regrets his decision to try punching out Logano? Of course not! I was proud of Stewart at Daytona and his response to the big wreck, but I knew it was only a matter of time before he would come back to reality and be his arrogant self.

Stewart was right about Logano and how he got into racing, but why get so mad about it now? Has he been holding his feelings in this long? That's a long time to hold a grudge. Or maybe he was just mad because he drove the Home Depot car? Whatever the excuse, I doubt it will come into play this week at Martinsville, but if it does it will just make better drama.

I had an interesting visitor last week. Charles Kennedy came by to see me at work. Thank you to Charles and the men at Poplar Springs for reading this column. He was president of the J.D. McDuffie fan club back in the day and he had several interesting stories.

Lastly, I want to ask - what was FedEx and Joe Gibbs Racing thinking when they decided to put Mark Martin in the No. 11 car for Hamlin? Martin is one of the best spokesmen in racing and he is dedicated to his sponsor, Aarons Rent-a-Center, and they were not about to let him drive for some other team and sponsor. Besides, I think JGR is making a better choice going with Brian Vickers.

Everyone who has read this column knows I am a Martin fan. Always have been and always will be, but he can't finish a race any more. He can qualify and he can run good for awhile but for some reason he can't finish what he starts.

If you go back and check the records, Vickers has been in contention in almost every race when he replaces Martin. Vickers has scored more points on average than Martin so it was a no-brainer. Go for the young man and they might be surprised when he wins a race during the next five.

It's time for another short track as we head to Martinsville. It should be very interesting and don't be surprised if more drivers come out ready to fight before, during or after the race! Put the gloves on and let's get it on! See you after Martinsville.