IN THE DRAFT: "Great Expectations"

Jun. 27, 2014 @ 11:54 AM

“Great Expectations” is a classic novel written by Charles Dickens. It is considered by many to be his most important work because of its story relating to social and economic issues in the early 19th century and how a criminal is a young man’s benefactor in his quest to climb the social ladder in England.

Great expectations are also what a lot of us have had in Carl Edwards and Michelle Wie. It was really fun watching both of them win in their respective sports.

As everyone knows, I am a Ford fan and Carl’s win was unexpected especially since it occurred on a road course. He has never been known for his road racing attributes but all of the hard work, practice and patience paid off.

Edwards’ win was even more surprising because of who he held off to post the win. A hard-charging Jeff Gordon almost ruined his chances. Jeff chased down Carl but never quite got close enough to put a bumper into him and sneak out the win. I was surprised Gordon didn’t try. Maybe he wasn’t close enough, but maybe he has matured and realized second was better than wrecking someone else and possibly himself.

It really doesn’t matter if he did or not. The main thing is a Ford, a Roush-Fenway Ford got a much-needed victory. Edwards is in the last year of his contract with Roush and I wonder if some wins, and even a championship, will be enough for him to remain in the 99 car. It has been noted he is being courted by many and it would be something to see if a change of scenery would result in him living up to the expectations that were thrust upon him a few years ago.

Maybe Michelle Wie can give Carl a lesson in perseverance and patience? After 10 years of struggling to live up to what was expected of her when she was 14, she won a major at the age of 24. And not just any major but her country’s championship. Sue and I had the pleasure of being there and watching her and the other women compete. I must say it was more fun than two days of the men’s tournament.

The commercials tout the men by stating these guys are good. Well, so are the women. Their level of competitiveness is impressive and especially in person. I have long admired and watched the LPGA Tour but in person was better. And watching Wie win was the icing on the cake. She could be just what women’s professional golf has long been looking for.

As we were leaving Pinehurst Sunday I received a phone call from Charles Kennedy who was quick to point out a Ford had won the race and I had been wrong in my prediction of who would win at Sonoma. Charles wanted me to know Edwards should now be considered a threat to win the championship this year.

I disagree. Oh yeah, I’m thrilled by a Ford winning, but as Wie can attest, one or two wins don’t make a career. If Edwards can pull off a title in Sprint Cup, then I will believe. But until then he is just another Ford driver in a sea of Chevrolets. Thank you to Wie for giving someone like Edwards some hope. See you after Kentucky.