Murr Basketball Academy has big week

Jun. 15, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

The largest Coach Murr’s Basketball Academy week, with more than 80 kids, about twice of last year’s turnout, hooping it up at Grace Christian, came to a close Friday.

Tim Murr, Grace Christian’s head boys basketball coach, and Joel Murr, the Lady Crusader head coach, have teamed up for 13 summer camps at Grace Christian. This year’s spike in campers, from grades 1-7, has the two coaches thinking the camp will have to grow, or at least split into two age groups, a year from now.

For this week’s group though, the message was clear and it applies to plenty of areas of life along with basketball.

“Do things the right way,” works for perfecting ball-handling, for making sure to thank a parent or grandparent for making a week of basketball camp possible or for growing spiritually.

Joel Murr encouraged the campers to keep working at their games.

“A player can’t pick up a ball only once the season comes around and expect to get better,” he said.

Finding somewhere to play, whether its in a recreation league, an Upward league, a middle school squad or anywhere is how to keep improving. The same goes for older kids, which is one reason why the Crusaders are taking squads to a team camp in Tennessee next week.

More than 30 players, boys and girls, mostly Grace Christian players with a few other players from around Lee County joining the trip, are headed for a week of nothing but court time.

“We’ll play about half a season’s worth of games,” said Tim Murr.

Grace Christian and Southern Lee players, along with a few recent graduates who are or soon will be playing college hoops, helped each morning at the camp.

“It really is a great experience for them,” Tim Murr said, “plus I think some of them realize a little bit about how difficult they were to work with when they were this age.”

Throughout the week, 28 current or former high school players helped.

“They remember someone gave of their time and energy to help them when they were younger, so now they can give to you,” Joel Murr said to the campers.

Even with a crowded gym and the energy of 80-some kids, it was a fun, instructive week, said Joel, but Coach Murr’s Basketball Academy No. 14 will probably need to grow up a little.