Families team up at Sanford GC

Young and old enjoy Sanford Exchange Club Parent-Child Tournament
Jul. 27, 2013 @ 07:20 PM

Parents and children, be they sons or daughters, kids or parents themselves now, teamed up for an enjoyable day on the course at Sanford Municipal Golf Club Saturday in what's now an annual summer tradition, The Sanford Exchange Club's Parent-Child Golf Tournament.

The parent-child event is the finale for Sanford Golf Course's junior golf camp week. Not all of the pairings have junior golfers, although more than a few of the teams were being led by the younger partners.

Some parents pulled off doubleheaders, playing 18 holes in the morning and 18 in the afternoon, such as the course's head PGA professional David Von Canon.

Von Canon teamed with daughter Allyson in the morning, then daughter Megan in the afternoon.

Five-year-old McKenzy McDougald, teaming with her father Brad, was the youngest golfer for the morning play. Father and daughter combined for a 67. In the afternoon, Brad and his father Jim shot 62 to finish tied for second in the championship flight.

Henry Kitchings, 78, was the most veteran golfer of the day. In the afternoon groups, ages ranged from Seth Brady, 8, to Rufus Honeycutt, 69, who was on his second 18 of the day. The afternoon golfers got to the clubhouse, mostly, before storms rolled over the course.

Big Shot and Danny Baker won the championship flight by five strokes, shooting 14-under 57.

Aaron and Marshall Bayles shot 60 to win the first flight. Rufus and Matthew Honeycutt shot 60 to win the second flight.

"There are golf tournaments just about every weekend, but we think this is something special here," said Nick Porter, secretary of the Sanford Exchange Club. "It's an event we're proud of."

Porter was part of a small gallery beside the ninth green during the morning, helping grill lunch for golfers between the morning and afternoon rounds. The Sanford Exchange Club has organized the tournament each summer since 1999.

Long drive prizes went to Brad McDougald in the parent category and Wesley Stewart in the child contest.

All four Sanford par threes had closest to the pin awards for parents and children. In the parent category, Rodney Rover won closest to the pin on No. 2 and No. 14, David Von Canon won No. 11 and Mark Midford won No. 6. For the child prizes, Curtis Dunn won No. 2, Matthew Honeycutt won No. 6, Kent Johnson won No. 11 and Brad Wicker won No. 14.

The Sanford Exchange Club's Parent-Child Golf Tournament

at Sanford Golf Course

Championship flight

1. Big Shot Baker/Danny Baker - 57

2. Brandon Honeycutt/Lew Mashburn - 62

2. Brad McDougald/Jim McDougald - 62

4. Bryan Seal/Jon Seal - 64

4. Brandon Honeycutt/Rufus Honeycutt - 64

4. Mike Johnson/Kent Johnson - 64

First flight

1. Aaron Bayles/Marshall Bayles - 60

2. Curtis Dunn/Richard Dunn - 62

3. Alex Palme/Chris Palme - 64

3. Brad Wicker/Gary Wicker - 64

3. Craig Dunn/Richard Dunn - 64

3. Jim Love/Trey Love - 64

Second flight

1. Rufus Honeycutt/Matthew Honeycutt - 60

2. Thomas Chandler/Mike Tickle - 63

3. Joan Wicker/Brad Wicker - 64

4. David Foushee/Merritt Foushee - 66

5. Brad McDougald/McKenzy McDougald - 67

5. Gene Johnson/Matt Williams - 67

Third flight

1. Jason Righter/Karl Righter - 65

2. Henry Kitchings/Scott Kitchings - 66

3. Mike Laudate/Jamie Laudate - 68

3. Jimmy Keen/Holden Keen - 68

5. Rebecca Rover/Rodney Rover - 69

Fourth flight

1. Rodney Starr/Karie Starr - 72

2. Dwayne Seal/Herb Seal - 73

2. Braxton Norris/Jesse Norris - 73

4. Parker Dixon/Graham Parker - 82

5. Dale Starr/Anna Starr - 85