Congressman Richard Hudson was impressed with what he saw in Sanford on Thursday.

Hudson (R-N.C.) toured the Edelbrock facility in the Central Carolina Enterprise Park and spoke with employees, learning about the facility and the products.

“I think the people in this community would be proud if they knew the kind of innovation and skill and the world-class products that are being made here,” he said. “These are aftermarket automobile parts that are world class and these are really good paying jobs right here in Sanford and Lee County.”

Todd Belcher, who is Edelbrock’s general manager of East Operations, said the company was glad to give the congressman a look at their operations.

“It’s very important for us to have representatives, whether they are from North Carolina or wherever, that get involved,” Belcher said. “When you see someone who gets involved and makes a visit like this, it let’s you know that they’re in it for the real reasons, not just to have a job in Washington.”

Belcher spoke about the work done at the Lee County facility and said many people don’t know what all is manufactured here.

“We make 100% of the carburetors for Edelbrock,” he said. “We also make throttle bodies for electronic fuel-injection systems. We make pumps and fuel regulators and we have some turning operations. Our turning operations include making fittings for hoses to making rings for spring retainers on cylinder heads.”

Hudson, who represents the 8th Congressional District which includes Lee County and Sanford, spoke to employees after the tour and took questions from them. He spoke with many of them about the Environmental Protection Agency and the Clean Air Act, and what it meant for the industry. He then addressed the workers before he left to return to Washington.

“I really enjoyed my tour here today,” Hudson said. “You work for an incredible company with a real legacy and you’re producing the best carburetors in the world. It’s good to see that you’re diversifying. I’m proud that this is happening right here in Sanford.”