To the Editor:

Recently, the Washington Post ran an editorial criticizing Rep. Nancy Pelosi for suggesting that it is ethical for Members of Congress to trade individual stocks.

It is obvious that no one who claims to represent working families in Congress should be beholden to industries like fossil fuels, pharmaceuticals, or the defense industrial complex. As a young person, seeing politicians with thousands of dollars invested in fossil fuel companies is troubling, as those very companies are doing untold damage to a planet on the brink of climate catastrophe.

Those seeking to represent me and my family in Congress should follow the lead of the Members of Congress who have ceased to own individual stocks in order to mitigate conflicts of interest.

Unfortunately, according to his personal financial disclosure, State Sen. Wiley Nickel, who is running for Congress as a Democrat in NC-6, owns thousands of dollars worth of stock in fossil fuel companies like Exxon, Duke Energy, Dominion Energy, and more.

Diquan Edmonds


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